Meet The artist

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved nature and I’ve loved to make things. I went to college thinking I would be an environmental science major but ended up as an art major. During college there were two areas that I had zero interest in: digital art and fiber art. So, how did I end up as a felt maker, you ask? After college, I married young and as soon as I started back to school to study art therapy, I discovered I was pregnant with my first child. After having her, my life took an abrupt turn. I became passionate about helping women during pregnancy, labor, and early motherhood. I taught childbirth classes and worked as a doula. Still feeling that pull to create things, I occasionally made belly casts and painted them for clients. 10 years, one divorce, a 2nd marriage, a move, and 2 more kids later, I was still in the birth worker field. But something was shifting and the next thing I knew I found myself walking past yarn stores that weren’t on the way home. I would go in just to see all the amazing colors and feel the textures. Then I realized that all the midwives I knew were knitters and would knit to pass time during long labors. So, I figured I should learn to knit if I was going to be a respectable birth worker. Well, for me, knitting was the gateway craft to felting and I never looked back.  I began seeking out all I could about the various forms of felt making from books, mentors, online courses, and a lot of trial and error. I now work full time as a fiber artist and educator, incorporating both traditional and contemporary techniques. What at one time held no interest for me, has now become a fascinating combination of historical craft, alchemy, natural materials, texture, color, and endless versatile possibilities!